Dev's Films

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways for a person to get a message or idea across to someone else. Dev has always been a passionate storyteller, & his filmography only further proves how film is one of the most influential arts & business in today's age.

Here are a variety of films that Dev has had his hand in creating over the years.



SPOTLIGHT Fiction Short Films

The Forsaken

Humanity is nearing an end. As Travis (Colin Farrar) attempts to navigate and survive his way through what is left of a dying world, the beliefs that have kept him moving are challenged with each interaction he encounters.

Released July 6, 2020

Written, Directed, & Edited by Dev Stafford

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Film contains some violence & brief strong language.


It could happen anywhere...

Sitting in a classroom, a young girl (Victoria Rooney) falls victim to her overwhelming paranoia and anxiety at the fear that she may experience a mass shooting firsthand.

Released February 14, 2020

Co-Written, Directed, & Edited by Dev Stafford

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Film contains strong thematic elements & some graphic violence.

Vacant Boy

Music is everything.

Tom (AJ Bartolotti) listens to music to get by day to day, but what would happen if he had to suffer through his first world problems without his beloved earbuds?

Released December 24, 2018

Co-Written, Directed, & Edited by Dev Stafford

SPOTLIGHT Documentaries

Hawaii: Living on the Edge in Paradise

In the summer of 2018, the Big Island of Hawaii experienced the largest volcanic eruption in over 200 years, resulting in entire neighborhoods being wiped out by lava and earthquakes. Some residents of the island viewed Kīlauea's eruption as a natural disaster, while others saw it as an indisputable act from the goddess Pele.

Released May 8, 2019

Lead Editor & Location Assistant Director - Dev Stafford

Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, many residents of Puerto Rico were left without food, shelter, or electricity. This is the story of the people's faith, resilience, & hope as they find ways to continue surviving & uniting as a community.

Released May 8, 2018

Story Producer & Assistant Editor - Dev Stafford